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Wildlife Getaway! 

Residents who really enjoy the splendor of nature and the outdoors have the unique opportunity to observe all the wonderful Florida wildlife within the community including bird watching, observing the large Sandhill Cranes, Deer, Foxes, Bobcats, Alligators, even the occasional Black Bear!

Common Birds

Sarasota County is home to many native Florida birds and one of the most popular pit stops for hundreds of migratory species.

Birds typically spotted along the coasts of Sarasota County include waders, such as herons and egrets (long, slender necks, who navigate local shorelines on their graceful stilt legs); pelicans, gulls and terns, and the fierce aquatic raptors, osprey, who roam the seaward skies and plunge talons-first at speeds up to 50 mph to snatch fish from Gulf and inland waterways.

At night, nocturnal raptors like the Great Horned, Barred, Barn and the elusive Short-Eared Owl, as well as smaller cuties such as the Eastern Screech Owl and Burrowing Owl may be heard and occasionally even sighted in wooded areas.

Right in your Backyard!

All sorts of wildlife, from reptiles to exotic birds, flourish in Southwest Florida. In Oak Ford, you can spot some right in your own back yard!

Animals that frequent Oak Ford include:  Bobcats, racoons, wild turkey, white tailed deer, nine-banded armadillo, alligators, and tortoises.  

Minutes to Shopping and Dining! 

Oak Ford is located 9 miles east of I-75.  From upscale dining to casual eateries and food specialty shops, there is something for everyone!

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